Massachusetts Pentest Pros & Umass CeTC

The Cybersecurity Education and Training Consortium (CETC), a collaborative venture between the University of Massachusetts and the Advanced Cyber Security Center (ACSC), is great for Massachusetts Pentest pros.

This initiative is a pivotal step towards fostering stronger ties between academia and the private sector to bolster the Commonwealth’s cybersecurity endeavors.

The CETC aims to facilitate a seamless connection between higher education leaders and business executives, ensuring that academic programs in cybersecurity align closely with the evolving needs of Massachusetts employers. This announcement coincides with the World Cyber Summit, a prestigious two-day event in Massachusetts that brings together leading cybersecurity experts from the business, government, and academic sectors.

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Key figures driving the CETC include members from the Baker Administration’s Workforce Skills Cabinet, such as Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash, Secretary of Labor & Workforce Development Rosalin Acosta, and Secretary of Education Jim Peyser. This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both public and private entities to address the critical issue of cybersecurity workforce development and retention.

Governor Charlie Baker emphasized the role of the UMass system in positioning Massachusetts as a global leader in innovation, particularly in emerging industries like cybersecurity. The CETC, in conjunction with the recently announced Cybersecurity Growth and Development Center at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, aims to leverage these efforts to build and strengthen relationships with businesses, educational institutions, and the public sector. Read on for more on Massachusetts Pentest Pros & Umass CeTC…

The concept for the consortium emerged from Governor Baker’s economic development mission to Israel in December 2016, where leaders, including UMass President Marty Meehan, explored collaborations to enhance the state’s role in cybersecurity and related fields.

President Meehan expressed UMass’s pride in taking a leadership role in addressing workforce needs critical to the Commonwealth. The CETC is poised to advance cybersecurity education and workforce development initiatives, preparing thousands of UMass students and their counterparts across Massachusetts for impactful contributions to this rapidly evolving field upon graduation.

Michael Figueroa, Executive Director of the ACSC, highlighted the CETC’s unique role in bridging the academic and business communities to define practical solutions for cybersecurity workforce challenges. With over a decade of experience in fostering cross-sector collaboration in New England, the ACSC has laid the groundwork for a career pathway and enrichment model that aligns with the modern needs of cyber defense.

The CETC invites participation from all public and private higher education institutions in the Commonwealth. In addition to fostering collaboration between academia and business, the consortium will identify opportunities for statewide partnerships, exchange of best practices, and joint funding initiatives. Read on for more on Massachusetts Pentest Pros & Umass CeTC…

Kenneth C. Montgomery, Vice Chair of the ACSC board of directors, emphasized the importance of the partnership between the University of Massachusetts and the ACSC in addressing the need for a well-trained cybersecurity workforce, positioning the Commonwealth as a global hub for cybersecurity.

Tim Connelly, Executive Director/CEO of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, highlighted the consortium’s role in driving curriculum development in partnership with top cybersecurity experts in the Commonwealth. As the demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to grow, this partnership will play a crucial role in meeting the need for skilled workers.

Moreover, the partnership between the University of Massachusetts and the ACSC, coupled with the involvement of key figures from the Baker Administration’s Workforce Skills Cabinet, underscores a concerted effort to elevate the Massachusetts pentest community to a global hub for cybersecurity excellence. The CETC’s focus on workforce development and retention directly addresses the challenges faced by professionals in this field, making the prospect of pursuing a career in penetration testing in Massachusetts increasingly attractive.

In conclusion, the Cybersecurity Education and Training Consortium heralds a new era of opportunities for Massachusetts pentest professionals. Through collaborative curriculum development, industry partnerships, and a commitment to addressing workforce challenges, the CETC is set to empower practitioners and solidify Massachusetts as a premier destination for those seeking to excel in the dynamic field of penetration testing. The initiative’s impact on the Massachusetts pentest community is poised to be transformative, creating a flourishing ecosystem that nurtures talent and drives innovation in the realm of cybersecurity. This is my post on Massachusetts pentest pros and the CETC.


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