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In case you missed it, the maiden cybersecurity strategy for New York, Governor Hochul unveils a comprehensive blueprint aimed at securing the digital well-being of New Yorkers, and this is great news for New York Pentest pros. The resilience of the economy, critical infrastructure, and government services hinges on the protection of digital infrastructure and sensitive information. However, the increasing sophistication and frequency of global cyberattacks are redefining the benchmarks for successfully defending networks and systems against cyber threats.

The strategy’s execution will fall under the purview of New York State’s Chief Cyber Officer, emphasizing the critical need for sustained collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders, including the Federal government, state, tribal, and local governments, as well as the private sector.

For aspiring cybersecurity professionals eyeing opportunities in New York, this strategy presents a unique avenue. The role of the Chief Cyber Officer and the broader statewide cybersecurity vision seeks to consolidate and strengthen the state’s defenses, ensuring that even entities with limited resources can access advanced cybersecurity tools and information. The emphasis on resilience, coupled with the augmentation of cybersecurity regulations and recommendations, further fortifies the protection of critical infrastructure. This is great news for New York pentest pros.

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Recognizing the evolving landscape of cyber threats characterized by a convergence of criminal and nation-state actors, the strategy aims to empower all New Yorkers to take charge of their cybersecurity, fostering unity, resilience, and preparedness. This approach levels the playing field and ensures collective security.

The strategy’s five pillars concentrate on securely operating government networks, collaborating with key stakeholders, regulating critical industries, disseminating cybersecurity advice, and cultivating New York’s cybersecurity workforce and economy. These pillars, when integrated, form a comprehensive defense that transcends the sum of its parts. This strategy is great for New York Pentest pros.

In particular, for prospective New York pentest professionals, this strategy signifies a promising landscape. As cybersecurity gains prominence in the state’s agenda, the demand for skilled professionals who specialize in penetration testing (pentesting) is likely to surge. The commitment to fortifying cybersecurity measures across government networks and critical industries creates an environment ripe for penetration testers to play a pivotal role in identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing overall cyber resilience.

Building upon past successes, such as substantial investments in healthcare IT and cybersecurity infrastructure, increased funding for centralized cybersecurity, and the establishment of critical units within the New York State Police to counter cyber threats, the strategy underlines the state’s commitment to staying ahead of emerging threats.

For individuals venturing into the realm of cybersecurity in New York, especially those pursuing careers in penetration testing, the strategy underscores not only the significance of their roles but also highlights the state’s dedication to creating a robust and innovative cybersecurity landscape. This commitment is apparent in ongoing education and workforce development initiatives, making New York an enticing hub for New York pentest professionals and addressing the escalating demand for expertise in both the public and private sectors.

The strategy capitalizes on initiatives already undertaken by the Governor to bolster the cybersecurity and resilience of New York, including:

  1. Allocating $500 million to enhance New York State’s healthcare IT and cybersecurity infrastructure, part of the Department of Health’s health care technology capital grant programs.
  2. Significantly augmenting the State’s centralized cybersecurity budget from approximately $20 million to over $90 million between FY2022 and FY2024. This increase includes expanded funding for the shared services program benefiting county and local governments. Notably, this program has safeguarded over 53,000 computers in nearly every upstate county and the five largest upstate cities.
  3. Allocating $7.4 million from the FY2024 budget to expand the capabilities of the New York State Police’s Cyber Analysis Unit, Computer Crimes Unit, and Internet Crimes Against Children Center.
  4. Enacting legislation in 2022 to establish cutting-edge cybersecurity protections for New York’s energy grid. This includes mandating electric distribution utilities to prepare for cyberattacks in their annual emergency response plans and empowering the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) with enhanced auditing powers.
  5. Pioneering the formation of an Industrial Control System Cyber Assessment team, a first-of-its-kind initiative integrated into the statewide Cyber Incident Response Team at the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services.
  6. Establishing the Joint Security Operations Center in collaboration with the Mayors of Albany, Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, and Yonkers.
  7. Creating the pivotal position of Chief Cyber Officer, tasked with serving as the principal advisor to the Governor. The Chief Cyber Officer plays a key role in reducing cyber risk, managing significant cyber incidents, and elevating cyber resilience throughout New York State.

This is my breaking news on the great direction the state of New York is heading and how this is great news for New York Pentest pros.


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